Booking plans

Booking plans

We would like you to enjoy life on board at the most beautiful destinations.

Celebrate your holidays on our beautiful ship without traffic jams or flying hours. Come back to yourself, away from the hectic pace of life, with your (composed) family or a small group of friends.

We have prepared different programs trying to adjust them to your needs. Check them and if you have any doubt or particular request, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want to make a reservation, or know about the availability of the Hollandia, use the contact form at the bottom of the page, indicating in the message the dates you want to enjoy sailing with us.

The situation derived from the corona virus implies that we must take additional measures. This can result in an adjustment that affects the travel destinations that we can do on the road. On board of our ship we take all possible precautions, especially in terms of hygiene and keep a sufficient distance from each other. The 1.5m rule does not apply to family members. But we make sure that the 1.5m rule can be followed by non-family members at all times.

If you have a fever, have a cold, or have been in contact with someone who has had the Corona virus, we ask that you stay home. The same principle applies to members of our crew.

Our packages for you

Sailing cruises in the Netherlands

Sailing cruises in the Netherlands

Discover the Netherlands from the water in a day or multi-day trip!

Let yourself be taken to old harbor towns, experience the special feeling of dry fallling on the Waddenzee or the freedom to drop anchor.

The Hollandia is comfortable, spacious, fully equipped and ideal for an undisturbed holiday. It is also equipped with an extensive kitchen where you can cook by yourself.

Depending on the weather and the wind, together with you we will make the best plan for your sailing trip.

Boathouse on location

Boathouse on location

Escape the bustle of the city and experience the peace and space in the most beautiful places in Friesland!

The Hollandia is comfortable and equipped with an extensive kitchen where you can cook by yourself, what makes it ideal for an undisturbed holiday at a location of your choice: in a picturesque village, on one of the uninhabited islands of the Frisian lakes or in a unique spot on the water.

In this hectic time it is wonderful to catch your breath in a relaxed environment with your family or friends. Do joint activities such as silent walks, games or a refreshing dip in the water. It is good to stay on deck, so you can read, sunbathe or enjoy the panoramic view. The water is always moving!

Price table

SAILINGWeekHalf a weekWeekend XLWeekend LWeekendDayExtra night
Up to 12 p.3.3562.3592.6402.2461.6991.127296
Up to 10 p.3.0762.1622.4202.0591.5571.033272
Up to 8 p.2.7961.9662.2001.8721.416940247
Up to 6 p.2.5171.7691.9801.6851.274846222
Up to 4 p.2.1251.4941.6721.4231.076714188
BOATHOUSEWeekHalf a weekWeekend XLWeekend LWeekendExtra night
Up to 12 p.2.2941.6131.8051.5361.162228
Up to 10 p.2.1031.4781.6541.4081.065209
Up to 8 p.1.9121.3441.5041.280968190
Up to 6 p.1.7211.2101.3541.152871171
Up to 4 p.1.4531.0211.143973736144
· Move the ship from Stavoren to another chosen location and back has an extra cost of € 60 an hour.
Periods and times:
    · Week: Saturday (12:00) - Friday (14:00) / Monday (12:00) - Sunday (14:00)
    · Half a week: Monday (12:00) - Friday (14:00)
    · Weekend XL: Wednesday (20:00) - Sunday (16:00) / Friday (20:00) - Tuesday (16:00)
    · Weekend L: Thursday (20:00) - Sunday (16:00) / Friday (20:00) - Monday (16:00)
    · Weekend: Friday (20:00) - Sunday (16:00)
    · Day: 8 hours
· Prices include: ship, crew, energy and environmental costs, port, bridge and lock fees, tourist tax, fuel costs for port traffic.
· Prices don't include: final cleaning (Corona proof), STO_Garant, duvets, towel set, catering, services and fuel costs outside normal consumption.
        · STO-Garant (mandatory): € 15 must be added to the price.
        · Final cleaning (mandatory): € 150 must be added to the price.
· Payment: 15% within two weeks after booking, 85% at least four weeks before boarding.
· Charter prices incl. 9% VAT, prices services incl. 21% VAT.
· Prices and / or VAT subject to changes.
· Prices in €.