Your travel guide

Your travel guide

If you are going on such a trip for the first time, it is nice if you get some help with the preparation. To help you on your way, we have already listed a few practical matters here. Can't find the answer to your question? Do not hesitate to contact us.

What am I taking with me?

If you go sailing, you basically have to pack for all kind of weather. In general, it is recommended to bring practical, comfortable clothing. Also bring rain gear: even if it is not raining you can still get wet on a sailing ship. If you want to sit outside for a bit longer in the evening, it is nice if you have a nice warm sweater with you. Also keep in mind that we often sail on salt water: do not bring leather shoes that you are very careful with. During a dry falling, it is often nice to have a pair of boots with you, so that you can walk over the sand with dry feet.

The beds are standard covered with a clean fitted sheet and a clean pillowcase. You do not have to bring it with you. If you want, you also can rent a duvet and / or a towel set (two towels and two washcloths).

In any case, bring:

  • sleeping bag or duvet
  • rain gear
  • warm clothes
  • summer clothes
  • boots or an extra pair of shoes that can get wet
  • warm coat
  • possibly a hat and scarf
  • a book, puzzle booklets, games ...

Also consider:

  • dish towels
  • dish soap
  • coffee filters (nº 6)
  • toilet paper
  • trash bags
  • cooking condiments

What is not so convenient to take on board:

  • High-heeled shoes, not only not very warm and practical but also very bad for our deck.
  • A hard-shell case: the space in the cabins is somewhat limited and you will soon notice that a bag that can be pressed slightly in shape is much more practical.


In the village there is a supermarket a few steps from the harbour. So you don't necessarily have to drag everything away from home. It is possible to inform the supermarket in advance and order. The groceries are delivered to the ship and are ready when you come on board. A minimal fee can be charged for this service. He will also arrange the purchases for you.

The drinking water on board is of excellent quality, so you do not need to bring bottled water, which in addition to being harmful to the environment, is expensive.

The kitchen is fully equipped for cooking for more than 18 people. Besides, the oven is big enough for this amount of people, with an oven dish and two large baking tins where you can make pizzas, bake bread or cakes...

If you don't feel like cooking at all, you can always consider taking catering on board.

Coming aboard

Once you are in the harbor, you will be welcomed on board and the crew will show you the way. You can already leave your belongings and choose your bedroom. A number of things on board are different from home and this will be explained as soon as the group is complete. And of course the big question: "where are we going?" Your wishes, combined with our knowledge of the sailing area, and the weather, wind and tide conditions, should ultimately result in a challenging, relaxing, fun sailing trip.

Before leaving harbor, there will be a short briefing on the deck about safety and basic principles of sailing. When everything and everyone is ready, we can leave. Lines loose, out of the harbor and sailing...