Safety on board

Safety on board

In the layout of the ship, safety was taken into account with a sharp eye. All inspections required for this ship are present and valid.

There is a professional fire alarm system on board, extinguishers in strategic places, emergency lighting and escape hatches. Above deck there are various buoyancy and rescue equipment available in case someone falls overboard. There are enough life jackets for everyone. If you bring children with you, we would like to know their sizes and weights in advance, then we ensure that there are appropriate life jackets on board.

Good briefing combined with safety measurements, ensure that the work on the deck can be done safely at all times.

To offer you a relaxing holliday, we have some instructions on board to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

On your arrival we will explain to you how to use the ship spaces and work safely, so you can enjoy without worrying.